I install and set up a lot of audio and video gear. Sometimes the customers are buying all new. Sometimes they have existing gear that we are adding to as upgrades. About 1 time in 20 I come across a customer who has Bose speakers. They all bought for the same reason. They saw the glossy ads and believed the hype.

Bose owners fall in to two categories. There's the ones who tell me assuredly that "Bose is the best", and then there are those who say "Bose, it's the best, isn't it?" Neither camp listens to music much though. I think that says a lot.

If you have good speakers on the end of a decent system then music is like a drug. It's addictive. You want to hear more and more. I haven't yet found a Bose owner like that. They do what happened in the store; they play me a demo. But the system never stays on for long. The first minute or so it sounds striking. There's top and there's bass. It's like the speakers have grabbed you by lapels, shook you awake and are shouting "Here I am!!" It doesn't take long though for that to become quite fatiguing. After 5 or 10 minutes the owner is generally turning down the volume.

The Acoustimass speakers were a clever idea years ago. But Bose hasn't moved with the times. There are lots of companies doing very much the same thing, significantly better, and for less money.